What Color Is A Basketball? The Iconic Orange Hue

What color is a basketball? The shade of a basketball may seem like a simple question, but it holds more intrigue than meets the eye. Many people assume that these balls are orange, but there is more to it than that.

In today’s guide, we will delve into the actual hue of a basketball. Then,  we will uncover the exciting aspects that contribute to its appearance.

What Color Is A Basketball?

The predominant hue of a basketball is orange, which has become synonymous with the sport. A men’s basketball usually has two colors. The main part is orange, and the lines on it are black. This makes it easy to see and use for all the games. The choice of this vibrant hue is not arbitrary but serves practical purposes as below.

Enhanced Visibility and Gameplay: 

The orange color of a basketball is strategically chosen to enhance visibility and gameplay. 

Its vibrant tone stands out against most color of basketball court colors, ensuring quick identification and tracking during fast-paced gameplay. 

Players rely on this high visibility to anticipate passes, execute accurate shots, and maintain smooth ball movement. 

Television Broadcasting and Spectator Experience: 

Aside from its use on the court, the basketball ball color is important in television transmission and increasing the spectator experience. 

The contrast between the ball and the surrounding court allows viewers to follow the game’s action. 

Hence, it creates an exciting and entertaining viewing experience for fans worldwide. 

Then indoor and outdoor balls might be different in hue

What Size Is Basketball Ball?

In Basketball, we use a ball that’s good for dribbling, passing and shooting. It’s not as big as a soccer ball but definitely bigger than a softball. Picture yourself holding a big round fruit, just like a big melon. That’s roughly the size of the basketball. It’s made just right so you can hold it with one hand or two and toss it easily on the floor. Children and grown-ups all think this size is just right for playing the game. It’s easy to handle for lots of fun actions and throws in different ways! If you’re playing basketball alone or with others, the size of the ball makes the game fun for everyone.

ABA’s Basketball Color

From 1967 to 1976, the American Basketball Association (ABA) significantly impacted the basketball scene. One notable aspect that set the ABA apart from other leagues was its choice of ball color. 

In a bold move, the ABA introduced a departure from the traditional orange balls used in other leagues. Instead, they unveiled a distinctive red, white, and blue basketball. 

ABA has introduced other basketball colors

This multi-colored design was a deliberate decision to differentiate the orange color of the

This multi-colored design was a deliberate decision to differentiate the orange color of the what color is basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The vibrant red, white, and blue color scheme aligned with the ABA’s branding, adding a visually captivating element to their games. 

It became an iconic league symbol and remained associated with its enduring legacy. 

Beyond its visual appeal, the unique color scheme embodied the ABA’s innovative and rebellious spirit. It helps to add a bit of excitement and flair to the game.

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The History Of The Ball Color Change

In the early days of basketball, the first basketballs were dark brown. This design was a result of their construction using heavy leather materials

While design changes were frequent throughout the 20th century, it wasn’t until 1957 that a significant color shift occurred.

Tony Hinkle, in collaboration with Spalding, played a pivotal role in this transformation, seeing the potential to increase the visibility of this hue. 

They developed the first orange ball, which debuted in the NCAA championship game in 1958. Immediately, the vibrant orange shade caught the attention of players, fans, and viewers alike. 

The introduction of the orange ball was met with widespread attraction, leading it to become the new standard hue. 

Then, it has become an iconic symbol representing the sport and is recognizable by fans worldwide. 

The history of the ball color change dates back to 1957

What Basketball Is Used In The NBA?

In the NBA, the players use a special kind of basketball for all their games. It’s a good-quality ball made by Spalding, a famous company for sports equipment. This ball is the same size and weight that all professional players use. It’s made from leather, which makes it easy to hold and feels smooth. This is great for all the moving, bouncing and hitting in games. The NBA picked this ball because it’s very good and helps the players play their best. In every game you watch, the players are using a similar type of ball to make incredible shots and passes.


What color is a basketball? The vibrant orange hue serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. 

It improves visibility on the court and television, adds excitement to the game, and has become a famous basketball symbol. 

Now armed with this knowledge, you can appreciate the careful thought that goes into the hue selection of this beloved sports ball.

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