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Sportssio’s Story

Dalvir O’Connor has always been a sports enthusiast. Growing up, he played football, basketball, and baseball and was always interested in learning more about these sports. However, he noticed there weren’t many platforms for people to discuss and share their knowledge about the sports they love.

As he grew older, Dalvir realized that the internet could provide a solution to this problem. He decided to create a website called Sportssio, which would focus on sports-related issues and provide a community where sports lovers could come together to share their knowledge and love for sports.

With a passion for sports, Dalvir wants to make sure the website covers every sport for sports lovers. He wanted to create a space where people could talk about their favorite teams, players, and games and even share their experiences playing these sports.

But Sportssio is not just about discussion and sharing. It also aims to help people become their own athletes. Dalvir and his team provide equipment reviews for each sport, helping people choose the right gear for their needs. They want to make sure that everyone has access to the equipment they need to participate in their favorite sports.

Sportssio has quickly become a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. People from all over the world come together on the website to share their love for sports and to learn more about the sports they enjoy. Dalvir is proud of what he has created and hopes to continue growing the Sportssio community for years.

Sportssio Teams

Dalvir O’Connor

CEO and Founder

Dalvir O’Connor, CEO and founder of Sportssio, boasts 15 years of experience in sports knowledge and analysis, backed by his Master’s degree in Sport Psychology.

He worked for various newspapers and magazines, covering major sporting events and interviewing legendary athletes. His extensive knowledge of sports led him to create Sportssio, a platform where people can immerse themselves in everything related to sports, from the latest news and events to reviews of the equipment used by their favorite players.

He pursued a degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California, which fueled his passion for sports. Later, he obtained a Master of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Sport Psychology from the University of North Carolina to further deepen his understanding of sports.

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Salomon Ellis

Salomon Ellis


Salomon Ellis, the editor for Sportssio, possesses 10 years of experience in sports expertise and analytical proficiency in sport psychology.

With the knowledge and skills needed to enter the sports management industry, which he did by co-founding Sportssio, a platform for sports enthusiasts to gain knowledge and participate in the community.

Salomon, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s MBA in Marketing program, has worked for numerous well-known newspapers and magazines covering various sporting events. Motivated by his passion for sports, Salomon returned to his hometown and pursued an MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management from the University of South Florida.

Silvester Alexavier

Master of Sports

Silvester Alexavier, an accomplished Master of Sports, possesses over 15 years of extensive experience in comprehending and mastering a broad range of aspects pertaining to the sports industry.

With a passion for sports, particularly hockey, and tennis, Silvester pursued a career in sports management and later joined Sportssio, a website covering a wide range of sports-related topics, including news and equipment reviews. Through this platform, Silvester aimed to provide sports enthusiasts with the latest updates and information about their favorite players and teams in order to share his love of these sports with others.

He enrolled in an MBA program in Business Analytics at New York University. Later, Silvester went on to enroll in an MBA program in Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he pursued his dream of a career in sports management.

Willis Astor

Willis Astor

Master of Sports

Willis Astor is a highly accomplished Master of Sports with extensive experience spanning 20 years in the golf industry and comprehensive knowledge of diverse sports-related fields.

With his expertise in golf, Willis worked in golf course management and was also a small member of the administration for Team Penske. He joined Sportssio to share his love for golf and motorsport, building a community for enthusiasts to engage with and enjoy through sports knowledge and equipment reviews.

After earning his MBA in Marketing from Harvard Business School, his passion is strong, prompting him to pursue an MBA in Golf Management at the University of Central Florida.

Hydor Elliott

Hydor Elliott

Master of Sports

Hydor Elliott, a Master of Sports, has acquired a wealth of expertise in a variety of sports-related fields, with a particular emphasis on the horse racing industry.

Hydor, with a background in data analysis, utilized his skills to improve the performance of influential figures in the horse racing industry while studying at Villanova. After completing his MBA, he joined Sportssio to share his knowledge and passion for horse racing with a wider audience, becoming a prominent contributor to the site. Hydor hopes to inspire others to pursue their own dreams in the sports industry through his work as a passionate advocate for the sport of horse racing.

Hydor enrolled in the MBA program in Data Science at the University of California. To further his education, he enrolled in the MBA program in Sports Management at Villanova University.