Who Is The Goat Of Basketball: Did You Already Know?

If you’re a basketball fanatic, you’ve probably heard of the term “Greatest of all time” or “GOAT“. In basketball (especially the NBA), it frequently comes up in discussions honoring the game’s greatest players.

Based on my track record and performance in games, I’ve compiled a list of basketball players who have performed so well that they deserve to be called the GOAT. If you are curious about who they are, let’s explore this article in detail.

Who Is The Goat Of Basketball?

The GOAT of basketball are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain, Steph Curry, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, and more. 

Of course, basketball seasons attract so many talented players that it’s hard to list them all.

What Makes A Basketball Goat?

So, what makes players so successful that they are celebrated as goats of basketball? Besides the impressive gameplay, there are certainly other aspects that make them so great. Our analysis below lets us dig deeper into the five parts that make up a GOAT.


A GOAT must have important consistency throughout their career, or at least in a significant portion. For example, Michael Jordan won 6 championships in 8 years, and Kareem Abdul Jabaar has 19 all-star appearances in his 20 consecutive seasons.

A famous basketball goat in the world.

Jordan has achieved a total of 6 championships in all six finals. Meanwhile, LeBron James, in 8 consecutive finals, earned three titles.


GOATs are so influential that they can change the whole situation of the game or even become an ambassador for basketball. For example, Lebron James influences many areas of this sport, such as matches or philanthropic work in community activities in the US.

Record Breakers

GOATs try to surpass themselves to break their own and others’ records.

Bill Russel is the best example of legendary record-setting. He won 11 championships in 13 years but retired at 35. So far, no one has been able to achieve this remarkable achievement.

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A GOAT must reap great success in his sports career, especially the championship. For example, from 1991-1998, Michael Jordan won six titles, while Magic Johnson won five in the 1980s alone.

Besides, a GOAT should also have good personal achievements, such as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. For example, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell won this title 5 times, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won six times.


A GOAT not only excels in his role but also knows how to play well in a variety of positions. They need an ideal basketball IQ to perform defensively and offensively to take on this challenge.

Besides, they have a full range of other skills needed during the game, such as passing ability, shooting ability, or defensive prowess. They don’t focus on winning the score regardless but follow all the coaches’ tactics intelligently.

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What Are The Top Basketball Goats Ever?

In today’s elite and powerful team of basketball players, it’s hard to list all the players worthy of the GOAT moniker. I’ve relied on the most famous names to form a list with the five most popular GOATs below.

Michael Jordan

Goat of the Basketball - Michael Jordan.

According to the statistics of sports analysts, Jordan’s average score per game is 30.1 points, and he currently holds the record for the highest score in NBA history (63 points) with an illustrious 6-time champion. Besides his sports career, he is a global ambassador for the Nike brand and is active for America’s Boys & Girls Clubs.

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Lebron James

You’ve heard his name King James-LeBron James on January 7, 2023, he broke the 38-year record held by Kareem with a score of 38,441 and became an all-time scorer. In addition to four championships, he led the Cleveland Cavaliers team to victory over the Golden State Warriors and won the 2016 Game Seven finals.

Bill Russell

Bill Russell is the current record holder for the most championships (11 titles). Besides his outstanding dedication to the sport, his dedication and work ethic also greatly influenced the next generation of basketball players.

Goat of the Basketball- Bill Russell.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is considered the GOAT ever for leading the Lakers to five championships. Besides being a talented passer, he also holds the record of “Most assists in an NBA Final game” with 24 points.

Magic Johnson is also a great scorer, with an average score of 19.0 per game. He was also 1st pick in 5x NBA champion, 3x Finals MVP, 1992 Dream Team, 3x MVP, and 1979 NBA Draft.

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Kareem Abdul- Jabbar

Kareem spent 20 years playing in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks teams and achieved a total of 6 championships. He scored 38,387 points during his career and surpassed Lebron James’s record.


The world of basketball has never run out of heat because of the presence and spectacular performances of players worldwide, and even the true elite in this sport – GOAT. 

So, who is the goat of basketball? Through this article, you indeed have harvested the correct answer. Good luck!

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