Types Of Basketball Hoops: Choosing the Right One

The most basic rule of basketball is to overcome opponents to get the ball into the hoop, which is attached to a fixed plane. You may need help choosing a suitable product among the types of basketball hoops available today. Explore this article, and you will have the most helpful information on the kinds of hoops used in everything from amateur-friendly matches to professional tournaments.

What Are The Common Types Of Basketball Hoops?

The basketball hoops consist of many parts. The most important is the rim and fixed pillar at the back. Depending on the nature of the match, the players, and the venue, the pillars also have specific differences. That’s why hoops have become as diverse as they are today.

The Common Types Of Basketball Hoops
The Common Types Of Basketball Hoops

Here are the most typical selections that you can come across in any game.

Semi-portable in-ground

The semi-portable in-ground is special by the design of an anchor fixed on the playing field and bolted to connect to the pillar. Besides the impressive stability, the player can also move it to the appropriate position on the field at will. This convenience makes the semi-portable in-ground more solid and stable during the match.

One of the biggest advantages of this product is you can take it apart for easy transportation, then put it back together with ease. Some semi-portable hoops also offer self-leveling nuts under the pole plate, allowing the player to adjust the balance quickly.

Direct burial in-ground

Direct burial in-ground refers to a product with a pillar firmly planted in the ground. Once the installation is complete, you cannot move the target. It is sometimes called a “gooseneck” because of its perfect curvature like a gooseneck.

Direct burial in-ground type
Direct burial in-ground type

The back of the product is usually made from durable materials that resist vandalism, typically acrylic, steel, and polycarbonate. Usually, you can’t find any elevation adjustments in the direct burial in-ground hoop.

On the downside, the inability to adjust the height makes this goal less attractive to some younger players. In addition, it is not recommended to be built in an apartment complex and cannot follow you to move to a new house.


The portable basketball hoops have a base made of water and sand, making it ideal when circumstances don’t allow for ground installation. The weight is significantly reduced when the base is empty, making this product very easy to move. It is also ideal for your budget until you can install a more stable target.

Their back panel tends to be smaller than other products. However, its compactness and weight make it less stable than other products. Under the pressure of pitching, this moving target can overturn, leading to the risk of damage and injury to players. So don’t try to jump on it under any circumstances!


You won’t find any permanent posts in this product as its backboard is fixed to the wall! Thanks to this clever design, this target can be maximized in confined spaces or locations where the installation of pillars is not permitted.

Well-mount type of basketball hoops
Well-mount type of basketball hoops

However, it is best to ask a qualified professional to install it. They will conduct an assessment of the structural strength of the wall and properly install the wall-mount target. If installed correctly, this product is safe for all commercial and home use (either indoors or outdoors).

Mini hoops

Mini hoops are a great product that can meet your needs because of their variety of sizes and heights.

Some standard products are less than 6 inches wide and are portable. Or you might come across targets with backboards fixed to the wall in several places. But usually, they still often can change the height to meet the rapid height growth of children.

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What Type Of Basketball Hoop Does The NBA Use?

The portable basketball hoop with wheels on its bottom provides excellent maneuverability while ensuring stability. Therefore, it is often used in NBA games.

Type of basketball hoop NBA use
Type of basketball hoop NBA use

The rim is usually made from high-strength carbon steel, while the component of the ring is 5/8” diameter solid steel. The top of the hoop is usually 10 feet (about 3m) high. The backboard is usually 6×3.5” (equivalent to 1.83 x 1.07m), while the diameter of the backboard ranges from about 18 inches (equal to 46cm).

The double rim often appears in important matches because it absorbs little energy. When you take some bad shots, it’s easy for the ball to bounce off the hoop.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Basketball Hoop

Choosing the right basketball hoop is extremely important because it directly affects your playing experience. Follow our guide to determine the goal that works best for you.

First, choose a playground with the best concrete and flat foundation to facilitate installation. Then add together the requirements for size, fixation/movement, and stability, and you’ll determine the correct type of basketball hoop.

If you are a pro player and want to take a closer look, remember to check out the material of its backboard. Finally, state your requirements and the target composition (e.g., the rim, pole, net, base) and ask the sports agent to find a target that meets your needs.


The types of basketball hoops are becoming increasingly diverse due to the needs of players of different ages, living spaces, and game nature. Synthesize the answers to the above questions, and you will have the best choice.

Our article provides valuable information about the goals popular in basketball today and guides you in choosing the right product. And now, it’s your time to evaluate and find the most basketball hoops for your sports career. Good luck!

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